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Digital Literacy

Technology changes fast. That is why we have implemented a five year plan to allow puils to experience a rich variety of digital technologies. By varying pupils' exposure to different immersed technologies, our pupils become comfortable learning any new technology. 

Structured Digital Learning Experiences 

Minecraft , Lego Robotics, Vex Robotics, Simple and Advanced Coding with Scratch, Planning, creating and presenting work digitally, experiencing the curriculum through embedded technologies like Visualisers and interactive projectors, Online Web 4.0 sites to consolidate learning like IXL, VEX Robotics team building and coding challenges,  Internet safety and responsible digital citizenship. 3D design and printing, 

 Children with additional needs are supported using the latest in technologies; e-reader pens, laptops and Ipads. 



Digital Learning Modelled & Embedded

Teachers use Interactive whiteboards to engagingly teach the curriculum with sound, video and music. Pupils use Ipads to interact with literacy and numeracy games.  


Using technology to enhance learning

Lego, Code for lego robots and using online platforms like IXL. Pupils develop keyboard and mouse skills on personal computers while consolidating their learning.



Creating with technology

Creating presentations, building and coding robots using their own ideas, Coding games, quizzes and animations, using laptops and PC's to access the curriculum


Digital skills for life

Completing independent projects researching online and building digitally , advanced coding based on interests. Accessing information digitally and learning about rights and responsibilites as an online citizen.  

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