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Music in Blarney Street

Blarney Street School has a long tradition of music making and we like to keep this tradition alive. 

A flavour of music in our school!

Blarney Street’s Got Talent - This much anticipated talent show is one of the highlights of the school year. Any child from 2nd class to 6th class can audition and hopefully reach the final. 

Regular performances - Each child in Blarney Street will get to perform in the hall in front of an audience at least three times in the year i.e. assembly, Christmas concert, Summer Concert, Lord Mayor’s visit etc. This is an invaluable opportunity to build confidence and performance skills. Our 3rd classes were so good last year that they were invited to perform in the Opera House Gala Christmas concert.

Music lessons in Blarney Street - during school and after school.

We are fortunate to have Music Generation teaching brass instruments during school time to some students in 3rd - 6th class. After school hours, we have lessons available on drums, guitar, piano and singing. We have strong links with other music providers in the city and often facilitate further musical education for promising students. 

Voiceworks operate from our school after hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. They mainly provide singing lessons and some instrumental lessons. 

Musicals - every four years, Blarney Street stage a large-scale musical involving every class, parents and the community. This is always a very special endeavour which boosts moral, confidence, social interactions and offers a chance to put some unique talents to work in the areas of performance, dance, singing, set design and construction, costume, make up, back stage etc. In the recent past, we have performed the West-End hits Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (2016) and the Lion King (2020). 

Music Week - Every year before the October mid-term break, we hold a music week. We host workshops with visiting groups and have local groups/bands perform for us. 

Visiting groups - Throughout the year, we are visited by choirs, bands and performers. The Army Band in particular always put on an amazing show for us in Blarney Street. 

Blarney Street Anthem - We even have our own school song!!

See the lyrics below and Click on the link to listen.

Blarney Street Anthem


Blarney, Blarney Street 

Blarney, Blarney Street 

Blarney Street are we and victory is our glory.

Onwards we go, whatever the cost may be.

Music, sports and STEAM,empowering each other.

Leaders are we through positivity.

We love learning and doing and caring for each other.

Always here to help and standing strong with one another.

Blarney, Blarney Street 

Blarney, Blarney Street 

Leanfaimíd ar aghaidh ag obair is ag foghlaim le chéile.

Seasfaimíd an fód pé rud atá romhainn sa ród.

Blarney Street are we and victory is our glory.

Onwards we go whatever the cost may be.

Blarney, Blarney Street 

Blarney, Blarney Street

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